Yankees’ CC Sabathia Says Red Sox ‘Weak’, ‘Scared’ For Bunt


New York Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia is not mincing words when it comes to discussing his thoughts on the Boston Red Sox for their strategy.

During the 1st inning of Thursday’s game between Boston and New York, Red Sox infielder Eduardo Nunez reached base¬†when Sabathia made an errant throw after fielding a bunt, a strategy Sabathia points out that Boston is trying to employ against him.

Sabathia accused the division rivals of being “”scared” and “trying to take the weak road” by bunting against him

“It is kind of weak to me,” Sabathia said (h/t ESPN). “It is what it is. It just shows what they got over there.”

“It’s my game. I cannot change my game,” Nunez said. “We know he has a bad knee, but it’s not my problem. I can’t change my game. I have to try bunting.”

Nunez said he would “100 percent” do the same thing against Sabathia next time.

“If I have to bunt four times in a row, I’ll do it,” Nunez said.

“I don’t care if he’s mad or not. That’s what it is. I have to compete, and he has to figure it out. Play in. Or field the ball. I don’t care.”

“It gets you fired up,” Sabathia said. “It makes you want to beat them. Obviously I want to win every time I go out there but even more so after that. It is too much respect — scared. Let’s go. Let’s play.”

“I don’t give a f**k about their reaction,” said Sabathia. “I don’t really care what they have to say. I’m out there early every day. If they have something to say, we can meet in center field.”