The Yankees Do Not Need Gerrit Cole, or Any Other Starter…


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There are constant rumors flying around that the Yankees are working on a possible trade with the Pirates to get Gerrit Cole. The issue is, the Yankees already have a solid 5 man rotation.

The starting rotation that the Yankees have now is the same exact starting rotation that took them within 1 game of the World Series last season, and was good enough to win it all. The reason they did not get past game 7 of the ALCS is because the offense was shut down (no thanks to Verlander). The Yankees were projected by many to not even make the playoffs last year, but the offense clicked and the pitching did the job. The starting staff took it to a new level in the post season, and I’m sure they are even hungrier after that experience.

If the Yankees were to get Cole it will most likely affect Jordan Montgomery since a 6 man rotation is probably not going to happen. Montgomery was solid for a rookie and deserves the chance to grow with this young team. For a rookie he even had a better 2017 season than Cole did. Another thing that is worrisome about Cole is that the AL East is a much tougher division that the NL Central. Then you add in the big city spotlight and it may not work out that well.

Cole – FIP = 4.08, WHIP = 1.251
Montgomery – FIP = 4.08, WHIP = 1.230

Rumors are also swirling about Yu Darvish, who does make more sense than Cole, but also not really needed. The Yankees also have some young guys in the minors that are ready to go in the majors. The 3 that look the most ready are Chance Adams, Justus Sheffield, and Albert Abreu. Then the talent playing A ball runs even deeper with guys like Acevedo, German, and Tate.

Of course I have no say, but in my eyes all they need to round everything out in pitching department is a lefty reliever. That is the only weak spot in the pen, who will once again be one of the best bullpens in the league in 2018.

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