Another Glimpse of the Future: Miguel Andujar


Next to Gleyber Torres, another prospect whose name comes up a lot is Miguel Andujar. Andujar is also in MLBs list of top 100 prospects.

Andujar is a 3rd basemen and another one of the promising prospects the Yankees have in their loaded farm system. He is 22 years old and has been in the Yankee system since 2012 at only 17, just like Torres.

Fans may be familiar with him even if they do not follow the farm system because he made his major league debut in June of 2017. When he debuted he was very impressive, which made fans take notice. In 5 games in the majors he had 8 plate appearances (7 at bats) and went 4 for 7 with 1 walk (.571 avg). 2 of his 4 hits were doubles and he had 4 RBIs and a stolen base.

Here are Andujars minor league career stats:

  • 596 games
  • 2,474 plate appearances/2,271 at bats
  • .274 batting avg
  • 622 hits (131 doubles, 15 triples, 51 homeruns)
  • 336 RBIs
  • 296 runs
  • 30 stolen bases
  • 152 walks
  • OBP .323
  • SLG .412
  • OPS .735
  • TB 936

One of the issues that was brought up last season by some scouts and analysts is that his defense needed a bit more work, but now they say he has improved his fielding significantly. Recently in the Dominican Winter league he only made one fielding error, and had a fielding % of .988, so that’s a good sign.

According to scouts the biggest issue he was having in the field was his footwork. They say he works extremely hard to improve in the field and will be a good defensive player because of his hard work. Another thing worth noting that scouts have said is that he has a great arm, better than many right fielders in the league.

Expect to hear more about Andujar because he will be at spring training and competing for the 3rd base job according to Cashman in recent comments. There is a really good shot that he will be the 3rd basemen to start the 2018 season since there is not a lot of competition as it stands now.

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Here is a video of Andujar highlights:


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