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Patrick Corbin Decision Expected Soon



Free agent pitcher Patrick Corbin is expected to make a decision as to where he will sign in the near future, according to USA Today Sports’ Bob Nightengale.

Per his report, Corbin is expected to meet or exceed the contract value that Chicago Cubs hurler Yu Darvish netted during the offseason last year, and that interest is spiking in Corbin, with the trend indicating that a decision is coming soon.

Corbin has been linked to the New York Yankees, who consider him their top priority in free agency and was Corbin’s favorite team growing up. A deal with the Yankees would being Corbin back to the state of New York, where he grew up. His family are diehard Yankee fans as well.

According to Scott Lauber of the Philadelphia Inquirer,  some “rivals speculate” that the Philadelphia Phillies are the favorite for Corbin.

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Yankees’ Luis Severino Alters Diet to Improve Late-Season Energy



New York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino will be entering an important season as he tries to prove that he is a legit ace for a team that bolstered it’s starting rotation this offseason.

And that means a change in his diet.

Severino has altered his diet, cutting a number of snacks, including his favorite twice-fried plantains, out of his diet in an effort to avoid late-season fatigue.

“It’s not easy, it’s tough” Severino said, according to ESPN’s Coley Harvey.

“When you are at the finish line and you feel like you need a little bit more than five days to be ready, you know that something’s going on,” Severino said.

Severino made the decision to change his diet following the Yankees’ Divisional Series lost to World Series Champions the Boston Red Sox.

“Even though I feel like he was certainly healthy, he probably dealt with some fatigue issues with being a young pitcher in this league, and for the second consecutive year kind of getting around that 200-inning standpoint,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said.

“But in a lot of ways, we saw the normal progression of a young star pitcher. And even though he had some struggles in the second half, he had some flashes where he pitched really well for us, righted the ship a little bit.”

Severino still could be the starter on Opening Day.

“I would say there’s a very good chance of that,” Boone said. “We hadn’t had those kind of conversations exactly yet. But my expectation is that he would be that guy.”

Severino noted that the diet change was hard.

“I hate eating vegetables,” Severino said.

Where I came from, we just eat anything we see in the fridge, fried and fast food,” Severino said. “But we’re eating more vegetables and stuff like that, and get your body going faster and then recover fast. So that’s my main stuff, focusing on my workouts and avoiding doing a lot of weights that maybe make me a lot more tired.”

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Yankees Keeping Tabs on Manny Machado



Don’t completely count the New York Yankees out of the Manny Machado sweepstakes just yet, because they are simply playing the waiting game.

According to’s Andy Martino, the Yankees are keeping tabs on Machado with the hopes that a golden opportunity arises.

While they aren’t interested in Machado at shortstop, they would play him at third base and move Miguel Andujar to first base should they be able to haul in Machado.

While nothing is imminent, and even though the report states that a deal is unlikely, there is no counting the Yankees out of it just yet as Spring Training approaches.

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Yankees’ Aaron Judge Wants Team to Pursue Bryce Harper



New York Yankees superstar outfielder Aaron Judge would be on board wit the Bronx Bombers landing superstar free agent outfielder Bryce Harper in free agency.

“Anytime you can add an MVP to a team, it’s going to make them better,” Judge said, during an interview with TMZ.

Judge went as far as to say that Harper joining the outfield wouldn’t be an issue, even saying that he would move out of his right field spot to accommodate Harper.

“Wherever he wants to play, wherever he wants to play—we’ll make it work.”

Despite his desire to see Harper in pinstripes, the Yankees have not shown any interest in landing the former MVP, and although they have been linked to Manny Machado as well, the Yankees don’t see engaged in negotiations to land him either.

According to the USA Today’s Gabe Lacques, the Washington Nationals, San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, and the Philadelphia Phillies have all been named as finalists for Harper.

Still, numerous reports have indicated that there is a “mystery team” hovering, and that could be the Yankees.

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